HomeMacs Mission

Our Mission is actually quite simple. To provide the absolute, very best private Mac support and networking services for the home-based Marin Mac users.

HomeMacs founders have identified solutions for the most common shortfalls that most people experience in todays technology driven world within their homes. Not knowing, or having the time to address these shortfalls independently can cause great grief and frustration when attempting to address without real professional help.

With our comprehensive a-la-carte services specifically tailored for home-based Mac users, we have solutions designed to impress. Pair that with the best Apple Certified support technicians in the Bay Area and a world class support concierge at our core, it is safe to assume that we are an extremely tough act to follow.

Our Services

HomeMacs understands that supporting private individuals is a privilege that comes with great responsibilities. Valuing a clients time and maintaining a strong sense of urgency when issues arise is a big part of what we do. Understanding an individuals privacy and data security needs is also a very strong focal point. We go to great lengths to provide service when you need us most, regardless where you are.

Our Techs

Finding the right people to do a job correctly the first time is not always an easy task. The HomeMacs technical staff have taken all of the guesswork out of the home support equation. As HomeMacs only employs “the best of breed” Apple certified support technicians, you can rest easy knowing that you are undoubtedly obtaining access to the best support team that the industry has to offer.
Support is not just calling people back and providing service, it is a practice very similar to a medical professional (minus the icky stuff). Every piece of knowledge is carried on to the next call. - Ron James -